Atomos Ninja audio (1 of 1)

One thing I hadn’t realized until I started researching the specs is that the Atomos Ninja 2 allows you to record 4 tracks of audio into the video stream. Two tracks are recorded through the HDMI input from the camera and the other two come from a Stereo 3.5mm jack on the side of the unit. Basically this means you can attach an XLR audio adapter to your camera and an XLR adapter to the Atomos Ninja 2.

Atomos Ninja audio panel

The 4 squares under the Headphone symbol give you basic audio level indicators. 1 and 2 indicate the level of the signal coming from the 3.5mm jack on the Ninja, while 3 and 4 give you audio levels coming from the HDMI source. Levels on the HDMI port have to be set at the camera and the Atomos Ninja 2 provides a gain slider for the built in inputs. Four channels of audio is a very nice extra feature to have. That means if I wanted to I could dedicate 3 tracks to wireless mics and a 4th track for the boom mic audio giving me a lot more audio to work with in post. I’m very interested to start testing this out, hopefully the audio input feature is useable on the Ninja 2. I should be able to start testing this thing out next week and hopefully I’ll have some time to get some audio samples. I’ll keep you posted.