Zoom h6 Handy Recorder

Special thanks to Yiannis for point this one out. If you’re in Greece and need a photographer you should check out his work.

Apparently Zoom doesn’t want to be outdone by Tascam’s DR-60D so they’ve announced this monster. The Zoom h6 is capable of recording 6 audio tracks simultaneously, 4 tracks can be recorded from the built in XLR/1/4 inch (TRS) combo jacks on either side of the unit and two tracks from a set of microphone inputs. The most interesting thing about the Zoom h6 is that you can change out microphones for different applications. It even has an extra XLR/ 1/4 inch (TRS) adapter that can be added for up to 6 direct inputs.

You’ll notice the black thumb wheels on each of the interchangeable microphones. These provide volume control for the different microphone options. The unit can also be used as a 6 channel usb audio interface for audio software like Sonar and Ableton.

I stopped by the Zoom both at NAB and they didn’t have the Zoom h6 on display. It’s a little strange that they waited until after NAB to announce this thing. No word on pricing, or release date just this vague announcement on Zoom’s website. I’ll post more if I find out anything else, at the very least it certainly looks interesting.

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