Yonguo 565ex vs Canon 580ex II 3

My current flash lineup consists of one Canon 580ex II, a Nissin Di866 MK II, and two Yongnuo YN565EX. Last night I was working on some product shots and my Nissin Di866 stopped firing, i’ve only been using it a year so it doesn’t give me a lot of faith in the quality of their products. On the other hand I’ve had the two Yongnuo YN565EX flashes for about the same amount of time and they’ve proven to be very reliable even with the lack of HSS and master control.

I was about to pick up another used Canon 580ex II to replace my Nissin, which ironically replaced an old 580ex II last year, when I thought about Yongnuo. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a look at their flash offerings and I’ve been pretty happy with their YN-622c wireless TTL flash triggers as well as the YN565EX.

Yongnuo yn568ex II

It looks like Yongnuo has really raised the bar. Just a few months ago they announced the Yongnuo YN-568EX II. Not only does this flash head support HSS (high speed sync), but you can also use it as an optical master. On top of that, as a slave flash, it’s also able to accept commands from either Canon or Nikon flash units. Of course there’s also the price, you can find the Yongnuo YN-568EX II on Amazon for $186 and if you don’t mind waiting for shipping form china you can get them for as low as $168 on ebay.

Before I make the call to switch back to repurchase some Canon 580ex IIs, I think i’m going to give the Yongnuo YN-568EX II a shot and see how well it performs. If it’s a winner I might just replace my Yongnuo YN565EX‘s with 568EX II’s while i’m at it. That way no matter which flash I grab, i’ll have the option to use it as a optical master if needed. I have one on order right now so I’ll post some more info once it shows up. Should be interesting to see.

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