I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past, but I haven’t really spent much time covering it. Here’s a quick look at my Tascam DR-60d wireless audio solution. Basically I use the line out of the DR-60d and feed that into the Digital Wi stereo transmitter, then record the audio at the camera on the other end coming from the receiver.

Tascam dr60ds (1 of 1)

You have  volume control on the Tascam DR-60d’s line out as well as the receiver and transmitter on the Digital Wi audiolink so you have plenty of gain going into the Camera. The fact that the Digital Wi audiolink transmits stereo audio also means that you have two tracks of audio to work with back at the camera. You can also mix down all 4 tracks being recorded on the DR-60d to a stereo track for the camera if needed.

This is a great way to go wireless when working with a boom mic operator. This is just a quick look at my setup. I’ll have a full video out as well as audio samples towards the middle of the week. I’ll keep you posted.

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