A couple of you were asking about the strap I use with the Tascam DR-60d. There isn’t anything very fancy about it, it’s simply a camera strap quick release buckle and an old camera strap. I’ve been using it for almost year with good results but i’m always open to other ideas if you guys have any recommendations.

Tascam DR-60d with Wi audiolink (1 of 1)

To keep the stress off the XLR inputs I loop the XLR cable through the strap before feeding it into the recorder. This method also saves the DR-60d from damage if cables get yanked, though it can give you a nasty rug burn on your neck if you’re not careful. I usually attach wireless units to the 1/4 20 stud on the top of the DR-60d and occasionally I’ll mount an XLR adapter box to the bottom and feed a few extra channels in via the DR-60d’s 3.5mm input.

I’ve seen a few audio bags for the DR-60d, but most of them are in the $100 price range. It seems a little unreasonable to spend that much on a bag for a field recorder that only costs $199.

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