Rode Procaster setup (1 of 1)

As I move forward with the Podcast initiative, I’ve been upgrading my gear and readying a small spot in the studio for a weekly (possibly bi-weekly show). The audio hasn’t been bad, but I figured it might be time to switch from the makeshift Audio Technica 4073 boom mic and the Tascam DR-60D (supported by boxes) to something a little nicer looking as the show moves to video.

Rode Procaster kit  (1 of 1)

I went ahead and ordered a Rode Procaster kit from Amazon thinking the adjustable arm and microphone mount would be a better option for the format. You’ll notice there is only a stand in the picture. That’s because the rest of the kit was missing from the Amazon shipment. I’m not sure what’s going on with Amazon right now, but this is the second time in the last 4 weeks that I’ve received a box from Amazon that was missing large portions of my order.

Unfortunately there isn’t really anyone to contact at Amazon about the problem. I suppose I’ll change directions and ordering something off ebay. The Electro Voice RE20 seems to be a popular podcasting mic right now, might have to give that a try.

Anyone else having trouble with Amazon orders?

UPDATE: Amazon issued a full refund and paid for return shipping, Thanks Amazon! I’ll be giving the Rode Procaster another shot later on in the month as the podcasting adventures continue.