Jordan posted this demonstration of the Monoprice wireless lav system. The $82 price tag is pretty attractive, maybe I should say really attractive. Honestly, that’s extremely well priced. It also supports two way communication over the 2.4Ghz wifi band and sports a pretty decent transmission distance (150 feet).

Mono price wireless mic 3

The lav mic didn’t sound that good in Jordan’s demo video (very muddy), but what do you expect from a wireless system this cheap? The main thing is that the transmitters work properly. As you can see above the lav uses a cellphone style TRRS “4 pole” connector. While this isn’t an extremely common type of connector for lav microphones, you can find some very decent lav mics that are designed to work with smart phones that support this style of connector.

Mono price wireless mic 4

The Rode smartLav+ and the Aspen HQ-SPK lav mics are just two examples. Add one of these mic’s to this very affordable wireless system and you might have a good combination. This setup might even work with other lav mics with a simple trs to trrs adapter. I may try to get my hands on one of these Monoprice wireless lav setups. If you beat me to it, be sure to let me know what mics and adapters you test.

Even with the purchase of a lav mic, the combined price would be in the $150 price range. If that provides good clean audio, than this system could be a very good deal for the price.

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