Monoprice wireless

Just made it back home from Pittsburgh last night and had a chance to grab the mail this morning. Among other things, the $89 Monoprice wireless system showed up for review. I have a few lav mics laying around and I’ll try and get some test audio up towards the middle of the week. Very interested to get some more samples.

Monoprice wireless 2

In typical Monoprice fashion, the box is just large enough to safely ship the transmitter and receiver. The rest of the included cables are crammed underneath and there is a small leaflet of an instruction manual included.

I’m interested to find out if the mic jack provides power for condenser lav mics and how much of a difference that might make in audio quality. If the weather holds up, i’ll also attempt to test transmit distance as well as the battery life. Might even try and test audio quality against a VHF lav system in the same price range (the old 88w).

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