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The Kipon EOS/EF high speed AF lens adapter came in on Friday and I’ve just started to experiment with it. If you aren’t familiar with the adapter, it’s basically an electronic Canon EF to M43 lens adapter that provides high speed AF when using Canon glass on a M43 body.

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On the lens side you’ll see a tiered interior design with a mat black finish to prevent reflection. The connection on the lens side is snug with no wiggle room and the 1/4 20 mounting point at the bottom of the unit feels nice and solid. Build quality is mostly metal and the fit and finish of the Kipon adapter is what you would expect for a $300 adapter.

kipon adapter-3

On the back side of the Kipon adapter you’ll notice that the M43 electronics plate has 2 screws. This part of the adapter appears to be made out of plastic while the rest of the housing feels like metal. Mine also has the number 00112 stamped on the back. Does that mean I have the 112th adapter made? I paid $30 over the $299 retail price to pre-order the adapter so i’m guessing that’s likely the case.

I took the Kipon adapter out with the Panasonic GH4 and the Canon 35mm f1.4 lens to see how well it actually performs. The video above is my first test using the Kipon adapter with Canon glass and I plan to spend another week or so shooting with it before I put out a full review.

So far the adapter seems to provide the fastest AF response I’ve seem for Canon glass on a non Canon body. It does seem to flake out at some longer distances and when used with very high shutter speeds when electronic shutter is enabled. It’s also a little slower than native m43 glass, that said, it’s still very snappy.

I’ll post more on the Kipon EOS/EF high speed AF lens adapter once i’ve had a little more time to spend with it. If you are looking to buy one, they are currently only available on ebay and they ship from China, so expect at least a week wait time depending on your location.


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