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06Jan Fresnel as Arri 650 and 300 watt side by side

A few of you asked about the size of the Fresnel lens on the 650 watt model and 300 watt model. Here they are side by side, the 650 watt model is on the left and the 300 watt model is on the right. The Fresnel lens on the 650 watt model is ruffly double […]

05Jan 650W Fresnel as Arri with dimmer – First impressions

I just received a couple of those Arri knock off Fresnel lights this morning, one 650 watt model and one 300 watt model. Close up there are scuff marks on the aluminum and the blue pot metal cast on the front and back have a few minor imperfections, but over all the build feels solid. The barn […]

27Dec Fresnel 650 watt tungsten light sale

If you’re in the market for some directional lighting, Fresnel tungsten lights make great studio spotlights. The Arri 650 watt models will set you back around $400 a peace. However this knock off from china (above) is selling on ebay right now for $177 with free shipping. Looks like the sale price only lasts for the next […]