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18Nov More iRig Pre audio testing

I had a chance to run another quick tests with iRig Pre. For this test I wanted to see how well the 48 volt phantom power performed. In this case I have the AT4073 plugged into and powered by the iRig Pre which is feeding directly into the Zoom h1. iRig Pre phantom power test (download mp3) For this recording […]

19May ART USB Dual Preamp camera mount adapter.

I had some time last night to build that 1/4 20 adapter for the ART USB dual preamp I ordered last week. As you will probably notice the 1/4 20 mount positions the unit upside down. That wasn’t my original plan, I actually wanted to drill and tap the case on both sides and just thread the […]

04Feb JuicedLink DS214 AGC Disabling pre-amp released this month.

Let me start by saying that I like Juicedlink products. I have the JL-DT454 which provides the ability to disable AGC on the canon 7d. The handy thing about Juicedlink preamps is that they provide gain. Beachtek and Studio one preamps are passive, so if you have an audio source that’s quiet there is no […]