I had a chance to run another quick tests with iRig Pre. For this test I wanted to see how well the 48 volt phantom power performed. In this case I have the AT4073 plugged into and powered by the iRig Pre which is feeding directly into the Zoom h1.

iRig Pre phantom power test (download mp3)

For this recording I had the Zoom h1’s input level set to 11 and the iRig Pre turned all the way up. If you have the software at home, take a look at the noise floor during the none speaking parts at the end and you’ll see that for $35 the iRig Pre does very well. So far I’ve been very impressed with the price to performance that the iRig Pre has to offer. Having phantom power and a decent amount of gain in such a small package real seems to make this thing a bargain.  Still working on the full review, i’ll keep you posted.

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