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26Dec iRig PRE DSLR XLR audio adapter mounting mod

I currently use Velcro to mount the iRig pre to my DSLR cage when needed but Dave sent in these handy mounting mod for the hacked iRig Pre XLR (Audio hack guide video here) audio adapter. Velcro isn’t the most secure option and this looks like it could be a decent improvement. Dave sent in this correction: I drilled and […]

18Feb FMX-DSLR, DXA-SLR, and Riggy XLR audio adapters side by side

Here we have (from left to right) the Juicedlink RM333 “Riggy” ($399), the Azden FMX-DSLR ($261), and the Beachtek DXA-SLR ($285) audio adapters. It’s easy to see that all three of these units are very similar in design, square boxes that are about the same form factor with a handful of volume control knobs on the […]

25Nov iRig Pre Hack, cheap XLR phantom power preamp for your DSLR

As promised here is the iRig Pre hack video with a few extra audio tests. If you need a low price affordable XLR adapter for your camera this is probably the best bang for your buck. I’ve covered the subject pretty well so check out these earlier posts if you want more audio samples, guides, […]

23Nov iRig Pre after hack testing

It seems there is some confusion about the iRig Pre Hack I posted. You could use the adapter cable (on the right) to brake out the pins on the included iOS cable into a microphone output and a headphone input but this is messy and the headphone part of the cable is basically useless for none […]

22Nov iRig Pre DSLR Audio Hack

I was looking at the iRig Pre and realized it would be very easy to use the built in headphone jack as a standard output which would mean no hacked cable or extra parts would be required. If you remove the battery cover and battery, you’ll notice a small screw between the positive and negative terminals. Removing […]

18Nov More iRig Pre audio testing

I had a chance to run another quick tests with iRig Pre. For this test I wanted to see how well the 48 volt phantom power performed. In this case I have the AT4073 plugged into and powered by the iRig Pre which is feeding directly into the Zoom h1. iRig Pre phantom power test (download mp3) For this recording […]

16Nov Irig Pre XLR audio interface for your DSLR – First impressions

Basically the connector above combines the headphone output as well as the microphone input cable into a single device. That way you can use your headphones to answer calls as well as listen to music on your iphone. You might see an iOS audio interface with a connector like this and think “useless”,  but if you add […]