Let me start by saying that I like Juicedlink products. I have the JL-DT454 which provides the ability to disable AGC on the canon 7d. The handy thing about Juicedlink preamps is that they provide gain. Beachtek and Studio one preamps are passive, so if you have an audio source that’s quiet there is no really way to increase the volume outside of using the gain in camera which can be very noise. With Juicedlink preamps you can keep the camera volume turned down and get your gain right from the audio preamp. This ends up keeping the noise floor down in your camera audio and gives you a handy little control knob to adjust your audio levels.

The JuicedLink DT454 might be out of the price range for some of you at $419, but it looks like Juicedlink will be offering the DS214 as a low cost alternative.

What looks really great about the DS214 is that it has level meters, an AGC disabler, and headphone output all in one. Many times I don’t end up need XLR inputs, in fact I just want to plug in my Rode VideoMic or My Sennheiser Wireless mic and start recording. This would be a perfect fit for bloggers, run and gun shooters, and a whole list of other users.

No word yet on the price tag, but if Juicedlink can keep the price under $200, I think this will be a hot item. As of right now there aren’t many low priced options for direct audio recording on the canon 7d or t2i unless you’re brave enough to install the Magic lantern firmware update (Sorry t2i only). If your using the 60d or 5d mark II this could still be very handy for headphone monitoring and live audio level meters.

I will keep you posted on pricing and release dates.

Update: The Juicedlink DS214 is now available for pre-order on b&h if you would like to get in line for this neat little box. The pre-order price is $144, which is very affordable if you consider some of the other AGC disabling devices on the market.

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