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18Apr Big Balance Mustang gopro Stabilizer

Quick heads, after NAB I went straight to another hotel and I’ll be living out of a hotel room until the end of this week so I apologize for my lack of updates. I’m looking forward to getting home on Sunday and getting back to a normal schedule. A number of you have sent me […]

20Aug More Low price DIY Mōvi camera stabilizer alternatives

A few months back I covered a lot of information on low price Mōvi alternatives (check out the post here). Since then the technology has progressing pretty fast and there are a lot of new options hitting the market. I thought it might be time for an update. Above is one of the new lower priced […]

17Jul Using a monopod to cover fast moving events and stabilize your camera

More from the new DSLR FILM NOOB Channel. If you have to cover an all day event, lugging a shoulder rig around can be tiresome and a tripod and fluid head simply adds more weight to your setup. So why not use a hybrid of the two? Combining a set of handles like the Flyer Cage Kit with […]