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If you have to cover an all day event, lugging a shoulder rig around can be tiresome and a tripod and fluid head simply adds more weight to your setup. So why not use a hybrid of the two?

Combining a set of handles like the Flyer Cage Kit with a simple monopod can give you the flexibility to pan and tilt smoothly while enjoying the support of a monopod as a pivot point. This reduces fatigue when covering all day events and makes it much easier to pack up and move if you need to get out of the way or in some cases run. Having something like the Flyer Cage Kit also gives you a lot of mounting options when you need to use wireless transmitters, microphones, or other random gear.

You can find a simple shoulder rig for this type of application for around $100 and a cheap but usable monopod for around $20. If you’re willing to spend the time on ebay, you could probably put together something like this for less then $75. When your done, the whole thing packs up into a nice, compact little configuration that can usually fit into a single camera bag.

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