The Nexus 7 tablet showed up yesterday. I’ve been told I have poor taste, but to me the color scheme has always looked bad, it reminds me of an ugly sweater party. Regardless of my feelings towards Google’s choice of color, the packaging has a premium feel. The box was so well put together that it was actually a little difficult to open.

Inside is the Nexus 7 tablet (I’ve already removed the plastic) and you can see the beautiful looking edge to edge Gorilla Glass across the face of the tablet. Underneath of the tablet is a small box filled with the charger, usb cable, and random paperwork.  The tablet itself feels much lighter then the Nook color I’ve been using for the last few years, it’s also much more comfortable to hold.

The Nexus 7 is actually thinner then my current cellphone. The rubberized grip on the back of the tablet feels nicer then I was expecting and the rounded edges make it comfortable to handle. Viewing angles on the screen are very nice and the touch screen responds very smoothly. I spent an hour last night playing plants v.s. Zombies before my wife grabbed it out of my hands and took over.

Google gave me a $25 app store credit for pre-ordering the Nexus 7 and it looks like they are still offering that credit for a limited time, which means the DSLR controller app is basically free. I still had some credit left after the purchase so I also picked up a copy of splashtop a remote desktop app that allows you to stream music and even do basic editing in CS5 from the tablet.

I’m still waiting on the USB adapter cable, but once it shows up I plan to give the controller app and the tablet a full review.  For now I’m just enjoying Netflix and Crackle on the beautiful screen. Hopefully someone figures out how to get Amazon instant on this thing.

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