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04Sep Cheaper Nexus 7 mount option for your DSLR RIG

The RAM mount adapter works as a secure way to mount the Nexus 7 tablet, but by the time you add all of the additional parts the price ends up being around $40. If you don’t need a mounting option that’s as rugged and want to save some money this tablet grip on ebay is only about $11. The get […]

14Aug Nexus 7 tablet mount option for your DSLR RIG video overview

Here’s a quick video covering the adapter setup I posted yesterday. The case provides quit a bit of protection with the over sized lip along the front and around the sides, the clamp seems very secure. The Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder works well but it’s still a pricey option. Yiannis pointed out this tripod TelePrompter mount (above) that might […]

13Aug Nexus 7 mounting bracket for your DSLR rig

After posting that video demonstrating the Nexus 7 tablet as a monitor and controller, the next question was “How do you mount it to a rig?”. After doing some hunting I found the above mounting solution. This basically uses a RAM Mount Tab-Tite Quick Release Tablet Holder with a RAM Mount 1 inch ball adapter to mount the […]

05Aug Nexus 7 used as a monitor and usb controller with DSLR Controller

HDMI monitors can run anywhere from $160 to $1000 depending on what you need and what you have for a budget. The Nexus 7 tablet comes in at $200 for the 8 GB model and $250 for the 16 GB model. Add to that the $8.99  DSLR Controller app, and a $3 USB OTG cable and you can use […]

25Jul Nexus 7 with the DSLR controller app

A number of you asked if the Nexus 7 tablet would work with the dslr controller app and the answer is yes. The adapter cable showed up and I had just enough time for a quick test this morning. I can confirm that the image displayed is 30fps, video looks good, and controls work pretty well. The […]

18Jul Google Nexus 7 tablet – First Impressions

The Nexus 7 tablet showed up yesterday. I’ve been told I have poor taste, but to me the color scheme has always looked bad, it reminds me of an ugly sweater party. Regardless of my feelings towards Google’s choice of color, the packaging has a premium feel. The box was so well put together that it was […]