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29Jan DSLR Cage mounting options

Sometimes you need to mount a lot of stuff around your DSLR. In this case I have 7 cold shoe adapters, 2 friction arms, a Sony CLM V55 monitor, a stereo mixer, and two Sennhieser G2 wireless mics all attached to a Letus35 DSLR Cage. I wouldn’t want to hand hold this mess, but for tripod […]

27Jun Campro Low Profile Triple Hot shoe Light and Sound Bracket – First impressions

The Campro hot shoe bracket showed up last night. It’s all metal construction and large rubberized thumb screws make the unit feel very solid. Build quality is good and all of the hardware moves smoothly. The camera adapter (bottom) is threaded into the unit with a 3/8 to 1/4 20 bushing adapter making it easy to […]

20Jun Campro Low Profile Triple Hot shoe Light and Sound Bracket

Maybe you need to mount 2 wireless units and a field recorder, or maybe you really need 3 ultra bright TorchLED units in a single place. Whatever you need to mount, the Campro Triple hot shoe gives you a solid place to to do it. I ordered one of these as soon as I found […]

07Apr Very cheap Cold Shoe mount.

I’m still sold on the Frio cold shoe adapter, but this little cold shoe adapter is the cheapest I’ve seen. At $4.29 with free shipping from china, I wouldn’t expect much, but if your looking for the lowest price, this is it. Before this, the cheapest cold shoe adapter I’ve found was $8.49.  I’m guessing […]