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18Aug Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 ultron SL-II – First impressions

The Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 Ultron SL-II is basically a well built version of Canon’s 40mm f2.8 pancake lens. Heavy duty metal, ultra smooth focus ring with 180 degrees of travel and nice creamy bokah. I’ve only had this around for 3 days and I must say i’m impressed. Even though the Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 Ultron SL-II has built in […]

09Aug Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 SL-II pancake lens Canon eos mount

The Voigtlander 40mm f2.0 SL-II for both Nikon ($489) and Canon EOS ($539) mount cameras shows that the 40mm f2.8 lens could have been an f2.0 if Canon wanted to raise the price a bit.  Of course the build quality of a Voigtlander is in a different class then the 40mm f2.8 with it’s all metal […]