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23Jan Cold shoe to thumb screw 1/4 20 rig mount – hands on

That little $9 adapter I posted last week, showed up and although the label on Amazon is a little strange Cold Shoe Mount Male ΒΌ to 20 Female Threaded Adapter the adapter itself is as pictured. The cold shoe and thumbscrew are both metal and the case itself is a molded piece of plastic. Feels […]

17Jan Cold shoe thumb screw 1/4 20 rig mount

Alright, this slightly over prices little guy looks pretty handy. It’s a 1/4 20 threaded stud with a thumb screw and rubberized grip on the bottom and a cold shoe adapter on the top. In the past i’ve used 1/4 20 all thread studs to attach cold shoes to a rig. At $9 this is […]