The picture makes it look like some kind of retro heart monitor, but in practice it can be a very handy little device. The Rycote Undercover Lavalier windscreen works with most Lavalier microphones and provides both windscreen protection and an adhesive back so you aren’t forced to fold up a shirt for a clip on.  It also helps the mic pick up a little more sound from the talent’s chest which adds a little low end bass to the sometimes thin sounding lavalier microphones.

The Rycote Undercover Lavalier windscreen is also very cheap at around $12-$14 for a 30 pack, and you can through them away when you’re done with them. The adhesive strip on the back sticks quit well and doesn’t leave much residue. Its sticking power is very good and I find it works well for interviews and public speaking events. I usually Use a lent roller on the spot where I plan to place the lavalier for maximum staying power.


You can find them here.


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