Sometimes it’s nice to add two or three items to the top of your camera. For $36 Juicedlink sells the VideoMic accessory bracket or for $35 you can buy the Cool-lux Light & Sound Bracket. But what if you want something a little bit cheaper?

Well you’re in luck, at $12.50 the will probably do the trick. For the price you get a small bracket with 2 cold shoe adapters and a mount for your camera. I wouldn’t call the bracket rock solid, but for the price it can handle a reasonable amount of weight.

The nice thing is that you can remove the two cold shoe adapters and you’re left with a nice bracket that gives you room to slide in a few extra items. The bracket is about the same length across as my t2i so adding more then two accessories can get a little crowded, but if you set it up just right you can fit the Zoom h1, a Rode VideoMic, and a wireless receiver all on one bracket.

The camera shoe adapter also has a 1/4 20 on the bottom so you can easily mount this to a , or anything else you can think of. The bracket even had enough strength to support that Haier 7″ monitor while I was testing, although I wouldn’t walk around with it on there.

For $12.50 the seems like a pretty good deal.

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