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11Feb Under $6 1/4 20 ball head to cold shoe mounting solution

So here we have 2 relatively low price 1/4 20 to cold shoe ball head adapters. The one on the right will set you back $9.50 while the one on the left will only cost you $5.40 (or as low as $3.38 if you look around). The one on the left took the slow boat […]

23Jan Cold shoe to thumb screw 1/4 20 rig mount – hands on

That little $9 adapter I posted last week, showed up and although the label on Amazon is a little strange Cold Shoe Mount Male ¼ to 20 Female Threaded Adapter the adapter itself is as pictured. The cold shoe and thumbscrew are both metal and the case itself is a molded piece of plastic. Feels […]

17Jan Cold shoe thumb screw 1/4 20 rig mount

Alright, this slightly over prices little guy looks pretty handy. It’s a 1/4 20 threaded stud with a thumb screw and rubberized grip on the bottom and a cold shoe adapter on the top. In the past i’ve used 1/4 20 all thread studs to attach cold shoes to a rig. At $9 this is […]

17Mar Budget cold shoe bracket from Dzone2

Sometimes it’s nice to add two or three items to the top of your camera. For $36 Juicedlink sells the VideoMic accessory bracket or for $35 you can buy the Cool-lux Light & Sound Bracket. But what if you want something a little bit cheaper? Well you’re in luck, at $12.50 the Dzone2 Hot Shoe Extension bracket will […]