Made it home and found the Juicedlink DS214 cleverly hidden under my doormat, good job UPS. $144 gets you a small AGC disabling audio mixer with pre camera headphone monitoring output.  I haven’t been home long enough to test it out, but my first impressions are mixed. The 1/4 20 mount is in a position that’s only really useful if you own one of Juiced links camera brackets or a camera square.  The included 1/8″ stereo cable is so short that it wont reach the short distance from the top of the camera to the audio input on the side panel.

Mounting on top of the camera means your Juicedlink DS214 will be upside down. Even on this DZONE2 extension bracket with the DS214 on the audio input side of the camera, the included audio cable still isn’t long enough. This really needs to have a 1/4 20 hole on the bottom and a cable that is about 10 inches longer. I should have a video review coming soon.

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