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17Aug Canon 7d firmware 2.0 audio recording tip

Even though the new Canon 7d firmware update adds audio features to the camera, there is still no way to monitor audio levels while recording. Which basically means you’re flying blind while filming. If someone gets a little to loud or a microphone gets closer then you expected to a subject it could basically ruin an entire […]

16Feb What DSLR audio interface is right for you?

Gordon wrote in: With all the different models of Beachtek and JuicedLink adapters it’s hard to figure out which one is the most suitable as a direct to dslr camera audio solution. What’s your favorite? Above are just a few of units I have laying around the studio so it’s hard for me to pick a […]

29May Juicedlink DS214 adapter ready to go.

It seems easy to just come up with a good idea and say poof “here it is”, but in truth, designs made with the makerbot arn’t quit that simple. The stack of 5 in the picture are just a few of the designs that didn’t work out. Some fell apart because of settings, some were just […]

15May Juicedlink DS214 adapter and Zoom h1 shock mount.

Finished up the Black versions of both the Juicedlink DS214 adapter and the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, both of which turned out great. I added a cold shoe mount on both the top and bottom of the Juicedlink adapter, and cleaned up the design on the shock mount to include tie wrap holes across […]

13May First Makerbot print, Juicedlink DS214 adapter plate.

I stayed up tell midnight last night ironing out a few problems with the makerbot. Once I got the wires rerouted and a test cube printed, I decided to print out my first peace of handy film gear. I was complaining yesterday about the Juicedlink 1/4 20 mount being located on the top of the […]

12May JuicedLink DS214

Made it home and found the Juicedlink DS214 cleverly hidden under my doormat, good job UPS. $144 gets you a small AGC disabling audio mixer with pre camera headphone monitoring output.  I haven’t been home long enough to test it out, but my first impressions are mixed. The 1/4 20 mount is in a position that’s only really useful if you own one […]