With the exception of the 7d which has a crippled audio system, the 5d mark III is the first to have a fixed HD output. The HDMI signal registers on the monitor as a 1080i signal, but just like the Canon 7d the output signal is an odd cropped version of 1080i. With the screen info displayed, which includes the very useful audio meters, you are left with a band of black around a shrunken image.

Turn off all of the useful meter displays by pressing the info button a few times and things get a little better.  But even in this mode, you are still left with a black bar surrounding the image.  The smallHD DP4 does have a mode that allows you to fill the entire screen with the image, but it’s still a little bit strange that Canon decided to go this route.

Display the output on a flat screen TV and you get something greater then 720p but less the 1080p with a small black crop bar all the way around the image (any guesses what hotel i’m stuck in?). The other odd issue is that the hdmi output switches from HD to SD when you access the menu screen. So if you are using a field monitor you have to wait for it to blink off, readjust the display resolution, and blink back on again. Not at all sure what genus thought that would be a good idea.

It’s still a step up from the 5d mark II’s hdmi output, but it seems like something that would have been easy to fix. My testing is still on going, hotel life gives me plenty of free time in the evenings. I’ll keep you posted.

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