I received an E-mail a few weeks ago from Shabazzr. He was wondering if I knew of any way to make the Audio2000s 6032uf UHF dual channel wireless system 100% battery powered. The wireless transmitters already run on batteries so I really just needed to find the spec’s for the receiver and a low price battery that would meet his requirements. After a little searching I found out that the receiver could run happily on anywhere between 12V-18V DC. I started looking around for a battery solution that would work for his application and found the Hype 61WH (5500mah) laptop charging battery pack. Shabazzr was kind enough to send me the above picture of his unit in action with the battery I recommended attached.

The Hype 61WH (5500mah) laptop charging battery pack comes with a number of different power plug adapters and has a very slim form factor. The size and thickness of the battery make it easy to simply velcro the two units together. The battery supplies enough power to keep the wireless system running for around 4 hours. The Audio2000s 6032uf UHF dual channel wireless system runs around $130 and the Hype 61WH (5500mah) laptop charging battery pack is $37. So if you need 2 channels of wireless UHF audio and don’t mind the larger receiver unit, $170 isn’t a bad price. It’s much more affordable then the Sennheiser units I use.

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