I’ve had the Tascam Dr-40 for quit some time, but until Tascam added the firmware update that gives you independent control of the input volume, I hadn’t really considered it a true competitor to the Zoom h4n. However, now that this feature is available, the Tascam Dr-40 is a very affordable alternative to the Zoom h4n. Take a close look at the features that are available for the h4n, if there is something that you can’t live without, then it’s the better choice. If, on the other hand you just need a device that records audio well, the Tascam DR-40 does a great job of recording audio, has a long battery life, and saves you about $150 compared to the Zoom h4n.

One video correction. The Zoom H4n is covered in a rubberized protective layer and although the top portion of the unit is cast metal, a few people have said that the metal doesn’t extend through the entire unit. Not sure if this is correct or not. Regardless of how much metal is in the Zoom h4n it does feel much more solid in the hand then the Tascam Dr-40. So the H4n still wins in the build quality department.

Let me know if you notice any real difference in audio between these two units. After listening to it a few times I could just hear a little difference in the frequency response between the two field recorders, but I don’t think it was enough for most people to raise the audio quality of one above the other.

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