mentioned a few weeks back that I had ordered an adapter that might allow me to use my with the Haier HLT71 monitor. The adapter finally showed up and I had a chance to test it out. Basically this allows you to convert the output of this battery to the input of the Haier monitor.

I normally use these batteries for my Lilliput monitor, but it also seems to work with the Haier monitor as well. In testing I was able to get just under 6 hours of run time with this larger battery. The down side is that I had to Velcro the battery to the back of the monitor.

The Haier brand batteries seem to be hard to come by and the included battery only lasts about 2 hours. If you do manage to find a Haier brand battery, they run about $30. So if you don’t mind this larger battery, it could be a decent alternative. You can pick up the .

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