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15Jan DSLR FILM NOOB Quick tip of the day – Fast DSLR focusing tips

After a few months of tinkering here is the final result. A new (hopefully weekly) show format that covers one tip a week. I’ll still be posting full length reviews at random intervals, but i’d like to make sure there’s a steady stream of video content to go along with everything else I post. You […]

01Oct Canon 55mm f1.2 FD lens on the EOS-M body

In the past I’ve strongly recommended against using FD glass on modern Canon cameras. This is because the flange distance on a normal Canon DSLR requires you to use an optical adapter or in some cases a specially machined adapter that only works with some lenses and is very expensive for what it is ($70 or […]

30Sep Canon EOS-M – first impressions

I think the Canon EOS-M might be my new recommendation for filmmakers on a tight budget. I used to recommend the Canon t2i, but the price of the EOS-M makes it very attractive. You get a much smaller form factor, more lens options thanks to the flange distance, and you no longer have to deal […]

13Nov DSLR FILM NOOB Podcast episode 1

I’ve been trying to decide what I’m actually going to use the second youtube channel for and was wondering if this is a format you guys would find useful. Basically it’s a podcast covering stuff from the site once a week. Think of it as a condensed audio book form of dslrfilmnoob.com. I will make the […]

31Mar Tascam DR-40 Firmware installation video guide

A few folks e-mailed me that were having trouble installing the Tascam DR-40 firmware update so I figured the easiest thing to do was put together a how to guide. It also gave me a chance to do a little filming and editing with the Canon 5d mark III, but more on that in another post. […]

10Feb Samson Airline Micro UHF wireless system – first impression

I’ve come to the point where I need a few extra UHF wireless microphones systems around. The Sennhieser G2 wireless system I use right now works great and most of the time the two sets I use are plenty, but lately I’ve run into situations where it would be nice to have one or 2 […]

18Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor out in the wild.

George Marsh picked up the Haier 7″ HLT71 LCD monitor and was kind enough to send in a couple of pictures of the Haier monitor in action.  He has the monitor mounted on top of his Canon 5d Mark II with a Juicedlink DIY107 bracket. The Haier monitor is mounted to one of those Very […]

24Feb Adding headphone monitoring to the Dirt Cheap $28 monitor project

So if you gave the Dirt Cheap Monitor project a try awhile back, this might be just what you needed. Freyguyproductions wrote in asking “What would you suggest for stronger audio sources?” The first thing that came to mind was a hearing aid amplifier. So I started rummaging around the net and found something even better. The FiiO […]

24Feb Bargain Bin extra’s for your DSLR RIG.

These 3 Items are probably some of the most handy things to have around the house when you’re putting together a DSLR RIG, mounting camera equipment, or adapting your stuff to stuff.  The best part is, “all of this could be yours if the price is right”. What is the right price? Well lets work […]

05Feb Konova Slider Update

After having a chance to spend a little more time with the Konova Slider, I thought I would take a little time to post a few more pictures and a quick update. My good friend Amos has the DryLin® Linear Motion Camera Slider, which is considered to be one of the best DIY options for […]